I will not check news.ycombinator.com or mirror more than twice a day from now until 2017-03-16

Created by bobpage 11 days ago; known in 16 days

  • bobpage estimated 99% 11 days ago
  • bobpage said “except on a day where there is some thread about me or my projects (very unlikely)11 days ago
  • ioannes estimated 60% and said “How are you assessing this? Are you tracking # of checks each day, or just recollecting on March 16th?10 days ago
  • bobpage said “I’m aiming for not checking it at all, so I’ll record a note whenever I do check it10 days ago
  • bobpage said “I should also note that I have it blocked on all of my devices and don’t count blocked accesses10 days ago
  • themusicgod1 estimated 51% 9 days ago
  • KnaveOfAllTrades estimated 86% 2 days ago

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