I will have a gf at some point

Created by playablecharacter 19 days ago; known on 3001-01-01

  • playablecharacter estimated 97% 19 days ago
  • riceissa estimated 80% 19 days ago
  • playablecharacter said “:o19 days ago
  • Vipul Naik estimated 80% 19 days ago
  • regex said “plot twist: you learn you want the d18 days ago
  • ioannes said “lol17 days ago
  • ioannes estimated 85% 17 days ago
  • bobpage said “does she have to be biologically human?16 days ago
  • playablecharacter said “>she16 days ago
  • playablecharacter said “I’ll know it when I know it16 days ago
  • bobpage estimated 90% 16 days ago
  • bobpage said “when you’re on your deathbed remember to judge this one Wrong if necessary because otherwise this looks like a free Right16 days ago
  • tedks estimated 45% and said “Predicting one’s relationships on predictionbook seems like a poor indicator of relationship acquirement 10 days ago
  • playablecharacter estimated 96% 10 days ago
  • themusicgod1 estimated 52% 10 days ago

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