Contingent on no presidential candidate earning a majority of electoral votes (prediction is null if one does), the House of Representatives will elect Donald Trump

Created by Dapple on 2016-10-05; known on 2018-01-01

  • Dapple estimated 95% on 2016-10-05
  • Dapple said “I set the date sufficiently far in the future in case it takes a long while for the House of Representatives to figure things out, but will set prediction to be false at any point another candidate is elected.on 2016-10-05
  • Dapple said “To further account for edge cases, I will also withdraw this prediction if Donald Trump is not among the top 3 candidates in electoral votes.on 2016-10-05
  • themusicgod1 estimated 46% on 2016-10-05
  • JoshuaZ estimated 82% on 2016-11-06
  • themusicgod1 estimated 50% on 2016-11-07
  • Dapple withdrew the prediction on 2016-12-23

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