Arab Spring 2: The Springening. “Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest” Denis Diderot (1713-1784) The final days of the last monarchies on earth. All the Arab monarchs will be violently overthr

Created by Raahul_Kumar on 2015-05-22; known on 2020-05-27; judged wrong by jbeshir on 2020-05-28.

  • Raahul_Kumar estimated 70% on 2015-05-22
  • Raahul_Kumar estimated 90% and said “The other Arab Kings heads shall roll as well. The ones that are left alive, that is. on 2015-05-22
  • JoshuaZ said “Please turn this into a testable prediction. Does this mean there will be no more monarchies in the Arab world? Does it apply only to hereditary monarchies or dictators as well? on 2015-05-22
  • Raahul_Kumar changed the deadline from “on 2020-05-27” and changed their prediction from “Arab Spring 2: The Springening “Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest” Denis Diderot quotes (French man of letters and philosopher, 1713-1784) The final days of the last monarchies on earth” on 2015-05-31
  • Raahul_Kumar said “Those left standing, and still standing today, were the kings of Morocco, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, along with an assortment of emirs, sultans and sheikhs ruling the Arab principalities of the Persian Gulf.on 2016-01-03
  • Raahul_Kumar said “1952, King Farouk of Egypt was overthrown by Abdul Nasser. In 1958, King Feisal of Iraq was deposed and killed in a coup led by Gen. Abdul Karim Kassem. And in 1969, King Idriss of Libya was ousted by Gadhafi. on 2016-01-03
  • themusicgod1 estimated 5% and said “Too soon, at least one arab monarch will surviveon 2016-07-08
  • two2thehead estimated 4% and said “What ‘themusicgod1’ said. I don’t know about Morocco but Jordan is a valuable ally in the ME where even competent allies are rare. Ten years is more likely.on 2016-07-08
  • NathanMcKnight estimated 5% and said “I get the sentiment, but I imagine there will be at least a surviving figurehead monarch or two, à la Britain, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Spain, etc…on 2016-07-09
  • elephantower estimated 5% and said “As above…I think Jordan is in much more risky situation than Morocco, by virtue of being in an unstable region (and overloaded to the breaking point with destitute refugees). on 2016-07-09
  • elephantower said “Morocco and Saudi Arabia are in minimal dangeron 2016-07-09
  • jbeshir estimated 0% on 2020-02-01
  • jbeshir   judged this prediction wrong on 2020-05-28.

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