Radiopaedia will reach 3 million pageviews by 15th June 2010

Created by Frank on 2010-02-18; known on 2010-06-15; judged wrong by Matt on 2010-06-16.

  • Frank estimated 70% on 2010-02-18
  • Lina estimated 65% and said “That’s a big call for 4 months away.. I’m sure Matt will come in with the mathematical model.on 2010-02-18
  • Matt said “Lina: what odds would you give that I’ll come in with a mathematical model?on 2010-02-18
  • Matt   judged this prediction wrong on 2010-06-16.
  • Matt said “so close – Google says 2,920,618.on 2010-06-16
  • Frank said “so very very very close… on 2010-06-17

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