At 6 PM Sanders will announce an endorsement from Biden.

Created by VonFoerster on 2016-01-14; known on 2016-01-15; judged wrong by HonoreDB on 2016-08-04.

  • VonFoerster estimated 2% on 2016-01-14
  • VonFoerster said “Ok so 2% may be too high. The FAA normally announces when the vice president flies somewhere and there are no announcements for New Hampshire. He’s supposed to fly to Philadelphia tomorrow on 2016-01-14
  • VonFoerster said “My heart says yes but my mind says no.on 2016-01-14
  • VonFoerster said “Other Unlikely but highly consequential possibilities: Elizabeth Warren, Jimmy Carter, NH Governor or Senator. Most disappointing possibility: This is just a press conference for the Nation endorsement that already happened . on 2016-01-14
  • VonFoerster said “Or O’malleyon 2016-01-14
  • VonFoerster said “Or Al Gore ?on 2016-01-14
  • HonoreDB   judged this prediction wrong on 2016-08-04.

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