Donald Trump will shave his head any time before the general election (no GOP nomination needed)

Created by PseudonymousUser on 2016-02-01; known on 2016-11-08; judged wrong by two2thehead on 2016-11-08.

  • PseudonymousUser estimated 1% on 2016-02-01
  • PseudonymousUser said ““what you see as an insurmountable 60% unfavorable rating is nothing of the sort for a Master Persuader. He could cut it by 25% just by shaving his head.” 2016-02-01
  • PseudonymousUser changed the deadline from “on 2016-11-08” and changed their prediction from “Donald Trump will shave his head before the general election (no GOP nomination needed)” on 2016-02-01
  • JoshuaZ estimated 1% on 2016-02-01
  • PlacidPlatypus estimated 0% and said “Probably around 0.5%. Even Adams isn’t literally predicting he’ll do this.on 2016-02-01
  • Tapetum-Lucidum estimated 1% on 2016-02-04
  • themusicgod1 estimated 33% on 2016-03-15
  • two2thehead estimated 1% and said “The Donald seems far too vain to change his look. Especially if you consider that he (AFAIK) hasn’t before. Add an election to the mix and the chance is zero.on 2016-05-02
  • Dapple estimated 1% on 2016-09-03
  • btrettel estimated 0% and said “Maybe he already shaves his head and wears a wig?on 2016-09-03
  • NathanMcKnight estimated 0% on 2016-11-05
  • two2thehead   judged this prediction wrong on 2016-11-08.

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