no more blizzards in march in #tbay

Created by themusicgod1 on 2016-03-12; known on 2016-04-01; judged right by themusicgod1 on 2016-04-01.

  • themusicgod1 estimated 59% on 2016-03-12
  • themusicgod1 said “forecast is for a foot of snow tomorrow. That might qualify.on 2016-03-15
  • themusicgod1 said “Environment Canada:“winds of 40 km/hr or greater are expected to cause widespread reductions in visibility to 400 metres or less, due to blowing snow, or blowing snow in combination with falling snow, for at least 4 hours.”on 2016-03-16
  • themusicgod1 said “^defn of blizzardWe’re getting all of those right now but it’s unclear if the last part is satisfied.on 2016-03-16
  • themusicgod1 said “From EC: “Hi, Jeff, thanks for your note. It certainly has been coming down in Thunder Bay in the last few hours but not quite to the Blizzard Warning criteria. After a couple of hours of 400 metre or less visibility at the Airport, thi”on 2016-03-16
  • themusicgod1   judged this prediction right on 2016-04-01.

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