ASOIAF: Wba Fabj jvyy or jnetrq ol Oybbqenira

Created by muflax on 2016-04-27; known on 2023-01-02

  • muflax estimated 80% on 2016-04-27
  • muflax on 2016-04-27
  • muflax said “(rot13’ing my ASOIAF predictions for spoiler reasons)on 2016-04-27
  • muflax said “guvf vf qryvorengryl fbzrjung inthr gb pbire fvzvyne ulcbgurfrf yvxr “Oybbqenira envfrf uvz” be “Oybbqenira uvwnpxf gur evfra Wba”; qbrf abg pbire: Oena qbvat vg (hayrff Oena vf zretrq jvgu Oybbqenira rgp)on 2016-04-27
  • muflax said “(naq, gb pynevsl, guvf zrnaf Wba’f obql, rira vs Wba’f fbhy vf pyrneyl zvffvat be unf orra ercynprq be jungrire) #highprecisiontinfoilon 2016-04-27
  • muflax said ““Ohg zhsynk”, lbh fnl, “gura jung vf gur cbvag bs Oena?” Tbbq dhrfgvba! V’z sbepvat zlfrys gb pbzzvg urer, ohg Oena jnetvat uvz vf n pybfr frpbaq gurbel, urapr nyfb gur qvfpynvzre va pnfr obgu jnetf unccra, ng yrnfgon 2016-04-28
  • muflax said “nu shpx, gur zber V guvax nobhg vg, gur zber yvxryl n “Oybbqenira frgf hc Oena, ohg vfa’g crefbanyyl vaibyirq” frrzf, naq V jnaan syvc zl cebonovyvgl ntnva; sevttva’ pbafvfgrapl, zna, vg’f zrffvat hc zl gvasbvy fb onq!on 2016-04-28
  • themusicgod1 said “jung vf n jneton 2016-04-28
  • muflax said “<uggc://>on 2016-04-28
  • themusicgod1 estimated 42% and said “ooooh.on 2016-04-28
  • jesselevine said “Solid prediction. I completely understood exactly what is being conveyedon 2016-04-28
  • two2thehead said “Rot13 to and fro converter website. For the sake of convenience. 2016-04-30
  • Michael Dickens said “I don’t even really understand what this prediction means… like I think it is proven false at this point but I’m not sure what you’re saying.on 2016-05-09
  • muflax said “note: this is purely about the books, not the show; I don’t think this is gonna happen in the show, nor is Bloodraven even definitely in there in the first placeon 2016-05-09
  • muflax said “(ah fuck, forgot to rot13, sorry)on 2016-05-09
  • muflax changed the deadline from “on 2020-01-01on 2021-09-10

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