Created by Michael Dickens on 2016-05-09; known on 2016-07-04; judged wrong by two2thehead on 2016-06-27.

  • Michael Dickens estimated 60% on 2016-05-09
  • Michael Dickens said “Specific prediction: Cleganebowl happens in the show during Season 6.on 2016-05-09
  • Ken estimated 20% on 2016-05-26
  • two2thehead estimated 60% and said “Probably.on 2016-05-27
  • two2thehead said “Cleganebowl for those who don’t know.POTENTIAL SPOILERS For ASOIAF AND GAME OF THRONES 2016-05-27
  • HonoreDB estimated 30% and said “Haven’t been following spoilers but this seems unlikely to fit into TV continuity, even if the books were heading there.on 2016-05-27
  • two2thehead said “I take your point but if you had told me that Sunspear would have a palace coup I wouldn’t have taken that bet,on 2016-05-27
  • themusicgod1 estimated 45% on 2016-05-27
  • HonoreDB estimated 60% and said “WELPon 2016-06-06
  • Ken estimated 60% on 2016-06-06
  • two2thehead estimated 99% and said “It will happen.on 2016-06-06
  • Michael Dickens said “Rot13: Gur yngrfg rcvfbqr znxrf guvf frrz cerggl hayvxryl, ohg Fnaqbe vf onpx fb ur zhfg or onpx sbe n ernfba.on 2016-06-13
  • two2thehead said “V’z fgnegvat gb nterr jvgu lbh. Bu jryy. Cerqvpgvba fgnlvat chg gb nibvq zr bire-pbeerpgvat.on 2016-06-22
  • two2thehead   judged this prediction wrong on 2016-06-27.
  • two2thehead said “Over committed to this. Lesson learned. Most importantly about myself regarding understanding predictions vs things that I can’t control (ie the writers). on 2016-06-27

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