The Bitcoin reward halvening will increase its value by over 25% versus USD within a month of the event.

Created by jesselevine on 2016-07-08; known on 2016-08-10; judged wrong by Bruno Parga on 2016-08-12.

  • jesselevine estimated 10% on 2016-07-08
  • jesselevine said “This is not a causality prediction. Simply “value will increase by X% one month after the reward halvening”on 2016-07-08
  • themusicgod1 estimated 55% on 2016-07-08
  • davidmanheim estimated 5% and said “It would need to jump above 800 – it’s 600 now.on 2016-08-02
  • themusicgod1 estimated 18% and said “Bitfinex is a really big, moderately unexpected hit, price isn’t seeing 800 over the next 7 days.on 2016-08-03
  • Bruno Parga   judged this prediction wrong on 2016-08-12.
  • jesselevine said “Unfortunately this was wrong :/on 2016-09-08

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