Clinton wins entire eastern seaboard from Maine to Florida.

Created by NathanMcKnight on 2016-08-09; known on 2016-12-16; judged wrong by themusicgod1 on 2016-11-09.

  • NathanMcKnight estimated 20% on 2016-08-09
  • PlacidPlatypus estimated 10% and said “As much as I trust Nate Silver it’s hard to see South Carolina going blue.on 2016-08-09
  • elephantower estimated 5% and said “Well Nate Silver’s model says (and said, as of 5 hours ago) that it will go red, so I’m not sure what you mean?on 2016-08-10
  • NathanMcKnight said “elephantower: 538 does have SC as likely red, but the probability it currently gives is 40.8% Clinton to Trump’s 59.2%. At the time I made this prediction, the odds were closer to 20/80, hence my estimate. I think Placid was referring to those #s.on 2016-08-19
  • themusicgod1 estimated 13% on 2016-08-19
  • NathanMcKnight estimated 30% on 2016-10-11
  • themusicgod1   judged this prediction wrong on 2016-11-09.

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