Created by themusicgod1 on 2016-11-10; known on 2021-01-01; judged wrong by Baeboo on 2021-01-01.

  • themusicgod1 estimated 4% on 2016-11-10
  • splorridge said “What does this prediction mean? Is the hash symbol part of it?on 2016-11-14
  • themusicgod1 said “Yeah. http://www.yescalifornia.org/ ".In 2016, the United Kingdom voted to leave the international community with their “Brexit” vote. Our “Calexit” referendum is about California joining the international community."on 2016-11-14
  • Bruno Parga said “^ that “leaving the international community/joining it” is one of the most incredibly biased things I’ve ever read.on 2016-11-15
  • Baeboo estimated 0% on 2018-09-03
  • Baeboo   judged this prediction wrong on 2021-01-01.

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