There will be no war involving more than one of the US, Russia, China, or any member of the EU on different sides started before 2020 (Measure: Total eventual casualties above 100) 

Created by davidmanheim on 2017-01-03; known on 2021-01-01; judged right by davidmanheim on 2021-01-01.

  • davidmanheim estimated 95% on 2017-01-03
  • themusicgod1 estimated 11% on 2017-01-03
  • Bruno Parga said “Are you excluding the Syrian Civil War? Different branches of the US government have supported competing opposition factions in the fight against the Russian-supported regime. Can you please refine your definition?on 2017-01-05
  • davidmanheim   judged this prediction right on 2021-01-01.

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