First prediction created June 1st 2017 UTC has an ID (see URL) >= 182180

Created by penten on 2017-01-12; known on 2017-06-01; judged right by penten on 2017-06-01.

  • penten estimated 55% on 2017-01-12
  • penten said “increase much faster in 2015, due to large number of automated private predctns maybe? (~300/day), leveled off in 2016+ (~10/day)Public predctns seem stable around 5/day, ~ no growth since 2012.Data from manual checking dates/IDs, wish I had db dumpon 2017-01-12
  • themusicgod1 estimated 51% on 2017-01-12
  • themusicgod1 estimated 89% and said “given the ids are already over that number I’d say this is an entirely different kind of claim now: that predictionbook survives until juneon 2017-05-19
  • two2thehead estimated 100% on 2017-05-23
  • penten   judged this prediction right on 2017-06-01.

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