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Trump will spend 35% of his presidency at Mar a Lago before September 2017

Created by two2thehead on 2017-03-06; known on 2017-09-06

  • two2thehead estimated 80% on 2017-03-06
  • two2thehead said “Inspired by: “Trump has spent 31% of his presidency at Mar a Lago per @markknoller”on 2017-03-06
  • two2thehead said “Source: on 2017-03-06
  • two2thehead said “ The true false criterion shall be judged by me. Ideally it should be from a news article from a source that I deem reputable. Can’t be that hard, I’m sure there are lots of people keeping tabs on him and doing the numbers. on 2017-03-06
  • two2thehead changed the deadline from “on 2017-09-06” and changed their prediction from “Trump will spend 35% of his presidency at Mar a Lago” on 2017-03-06
  • two2thehead said “Clarification. This means that if at any point before September 2017, his percentage time spent at MaL reaches 35 percent once this is marked correct. on 2017-03-06
  • themusicgod1 estimated 49% on 2017-03-06
  • ioannes said “This is going to be difficult to assess.on 2017-03-07
  • two2thehead withdrew the prediction on 2017-07-14
  • two2thehead said “Withdrawn because I could have written this prediction betteron 2017-07-14