Rocket Labs 'Still Testing' Electron rocket launch will successfully deploy it's payloads in a stable orbit.

Created by Athrithalix on 2017-10-18; known 21 days ago; judged right by Athrithalix 29 days ago.

  • Athrithalix estimated 65% on 2017-10-18
  • JoshuaZ estimated 54% on 2017-10-19
  • Athrithalix said “Forgot to make an appropriate prediction on delaying of launch.on 2017-11-02
  • Athrithalix changed the deadline from “on 2017-11-01on 2017-11-02
  • JoshuaZ said “Ah, I interpreted this as being within the given deadline. on 2017-11-27
  • Athrithalix  judged this prediction right 29 days ago.

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