In February 2018, Bitcoin prices will trade below $11k. And also rise to within $3800 of the ATH Edit: Changed ATL to “below $11k”.

Created by Nve 17 days ago; known on 2018-03-01

  • Nve estimated 46% 17 days ago
  • mortehu said “ATL = all time low? If so, that would be less than $117 days ago
  • ioannes estimated 1% and said “lol17 days ago
  • imaxwell estimated 2% and said “This is a complex prediction (it contains a conjunction) and should be penalized accordingly.16 days ago
  • ccokeefe estimated 1% 16 days ago
  • ccokeefe said “Are the two conjuncts in any sequence?16 days ago
  • Bruno Parga said “Does this include or exclude a glitch in an exchange that causes BTC to trade for a fraction of a penny?16 days ago
  • Nve changed the deadline from “on 2018-03-01” and changed their prediction from “In February 2018, Bitcoin prices will hit an ATL. And also rise to within $3800 of the ATH” 6 days ago
  • peter_hurford estimated 5% 4 days ago
  • ccokeefe said “It seems incredibly unfair to change “ATL” to “below $11K”, since those are wildly different predictions 2 days ago
  • Nve said “Sorry, I was in a hurry. My mind substituted the time period of the segment that I was modelling.1 day ago
  • ccokeefe said “No worries. Would you mind changing it back and making a separate prediction for that, though? A lot of people entered predictions for ATL, and the new prediction could really mess up our scores for the extreme brackets.about 2 hours ago

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