LTC cryptocurrency litecoin will hit $400 by 3/1/18

Created by DanMotorcycleGuy 24 days ago; known in 9 days

  • DanMotorcycleGuy estimated 85% 24 days ago
  • DanMotorcycleGuy said “creator is vocal and popular, seems to be merging with monero, and still has some “big news” coming.24 days ago
  • asdfjklasdfjkl estimated 20% 20 days ago
  • peter_hurford estimated 20% and said “It would have to more than double in a under month and hit a new all time high, which is certainly possible in cryptoland, but I’d guess unlikely. It looks like Litecoin has doubled in 3 out of the past 12 months, so I’d judge this around 20%.17 days ago
  • yiazmat estimated 1% and said “Marketcap too big to more than double in 16 days.8 days ago
  • daedalus_21 estimated 5% 6 days ago
  • pmuench estimated 43% 5 days ago

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