UK will expel Russia's ambassador by 18 March 2018.

Created by fkovacs on 2018-03-14; known on 2018-03-19; judged wrong by fkovacs on 2018-03-19.

  • fkovacs estimated 20% on 2018-03-14
  • colejhudson estimated 14% and said “Tillersons/DoS official position seems to be to hint at it, leaving it open for Trump to ultimately decide. Trump has deferred to the Pentagons judgement on matters of NatSec in the past. Last time he closed the SF Russian embassy little was gained.on 2018-03-14
  • colejhudson said “Wait f**k wrong countryon 2018-03-14
  • colejhudson said “Is there a way to delete these? Apologies.on 2018-03-14
  • jbeshir estimated 12% on 2018-03-16
  • fkovacs   judged this prediction wrong on 2018-03-19.
  • fkovacs said “It looks like UK calmed down, after the UNSC meeting.They’ve really put their foot in the mouth with their undiplomatic declarations and lost prestige on the international scene.Also, Russia responded “tit-for-tat” to the diplomats expulsions…on 2018-03-19

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