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The listicle I just saw on Facebook “7 Complete Wastes of Money that Most People Don't Even Consider” will all be things that either (1) I've considered, (2) don't apply to me, or (3) save trivial amounts of money.

Created by Michael Dickens on 2018-03-28; known on 2018-03-29; judged right by Michael Dickens on 2018-03-28.

  • Michael Dickens estimated 75% on 2018-03-28
  • Michael Dickens   judged this prediction right on 2018-03-28.
  • Michael Dickens said “6 of the 7 were things I had considered. The only one I hadn’t considered was cosmetics, because I don’t buy cosmetics (unless you count facial soap, on which I only spend about $10 every 6 months).on 2018-03-28