People will choose virtual-reality clothes/make-up/accessories (like Snapchat filters), that are visible in real life to most people around them. This will be used by >10% of people, walking down the street, on dates, in business contexts.

Created by Leo 23 days ago; known on 2028-10-21

  • Leo estimated 1% 23 days ago
  • Leo said “Bet €1000 against today with Adam M.23 days ago
  • Adamdm estimated 90% and said “It’ll happen way before this, and its use will be considerably more widespread.I bet €1000 against Leo today.23 days ago
  • LogicAndReason estimated 80% and said “I’d be pretty surprised if this wasn’t the case. 19 days ago
  • vinegar estimated 20% 19 days ago
  • vi estimated 1% 18 days ago
  • pranomostro estimated 30% 17 days ago
  • Medea estimated 60% 4 days ago

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