By 2021, there is a company with >$100M net profit whose core product critically depends on blockchain.

Created by Michael Dickens 16 days ago; known on 2021-12-31

  • Michael Dickens estimated 10% 16 days ago
  • Michael Dickens said “A company like Coinbase doesn’t count because their product does not actually directly use blockchain16 days ago
  • Michael Dickens said “Trading firms that trade cryptocurrency also don’t count. It has to be an actual product that uses blockchain16 days ago
  • Baeboo estimated 30% 16 days ago
  • Elly-Immeska estimated 20% 16 days ago
  • pranomostro estimated 40% 16 days ago
  • jazzsolo estimated 15% 14 days ago
  • aarongertler estimated 12% 11 days ago
  • Michael Dickens said “To clarify, the company needs to have >$100M net profit in 2021, or in any single year prior to 2021.9 days ago

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