[Politics] A Democratic candidate other than Yang to propose UBI before the second debate

Created by Cato 5 days ago; known on 2019-08-01

  • Cato estimated 30% 5 days ago
  • Cato said “Restricted to candidates who qualified for the first debate5 days ago
  • Cato said “Criteria: (a) Poll at 1% in three polls or (b) receive 65,000 donations across 20 states5 days ago
  • Cato said “Declared candidates who currently qualify, as far as I can tell: Booker, Harris, Klobuchar, Sanders, Warren, and Yang5 days ago
  • Cato said “Negative income tax and guaranteed minimum income do not count.5 days ago
  • Tapetum-Lucidum estimated 10% 5 days ago
  • Baeboo estimated 16% 5 days ago
  • pranomostro estimated 25% 4 days ago
  • pranomostro estimated 20% 4 days ago
  • Baeboo estimated 19% 4 days ago
  • amadeu estimated 12% about 16 hours ago

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