Eliud Kipchoge's October 2019 “Ineos 1:59 Challenge” marathon time will be less than 2:00:00

Created by WilliamKiely 15 days ago; known on 2019-10-12

  • WilliamKiely estimated 50% 15 days ago
  • pranomostro estimated 40% 14 days ago
  • Bruno Parga estimated 70% and said “Although certainly a major feat, this wouldn’t be exactly comparable to competitive races, right?13 days ago
  • WilliamKiely said “He ran 2:00:25 in Nike’s Breaking2 event in 2017. In this event he was drafting runners who started mid-race, so it doesn’t qualify as an official time. I don’t know the details for the 1:59 Challenge, but assume there will be similar advantages.9 days ago
  • WilliamKiely estimated 51% and said “Naive prediction9 days ago

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