The fad for 3d will turn out to be just that, a fad, and not vanish, but not really go anywhere either.

Created by kallman on 2010-11-20; known on 2015-06-15; judged wrong by JoshuaZ on 2015-06-28.

  • kallman estimated 80% on 2010-11-20
  • schepens estimated 20% and said “Technology is finaly far enough to be realistic and non motion sicknesson 2015-04-20
  • JoshuaZ said “Marking wrong. Conceivable this would happen, but implicit deadline in the prediction leads to conclusion. Any objections? on 2015-06-28
  • JoshuaZ   judged this prediction wrong on 2015-06-28.
  • kallman said “I can’t rightly recall whether 2010 me saw more, less, or the same amount of 3D. The prediction is the tech wouldn’t improve & it wouldn’t be any more prevalent, but Hololens &c make wrong seem a fine answer.on 2015-08-22

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