[Politics] At least one Democrat to withdraw/suspend candidacy by August 2019 EOM

Created by Cato 19 days ago; known in 13 days; judged right by Cato 2 days ago.

  • Cato estimated 67% 19 days ago
  • Cato said “To clarify: I’m counting only those who participate in the July debates.18 days ago
  • pranomostro estimated 60% 15 days ago
  • Cato said “Tim Ryan says it’s a temporary suspension to deal with the Ohio shooting. If he isn’t back by the deadline this will be marked true.12 days ago
  • Cato estimated 98% 3 days ago
  • Cato said “Hickenlooper2 days ago
  • Cato   judged this prediction right 2 days ago.

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