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[On September 23rd, 2019 my Grand Canyon crossing (North to South Kaibab) will take] More than 6h15m

Created by WilliamKiely on 2019-09-18; known on 2019-09-24; judged right by WilliamKiely on 2019-09-30.

  • WilliamKiely estimated 15% on 2019-09-18
  • WilliamKiely said “My crossing ended up taking 6h19m.on 2019-09-30
  • WilliamKiely   judged this prediction right on 2019-09-30.
  • WilliamKiely said “Considerations I failed to take into account when I recorded my predictions here originally that I realized were wrong before starting the crossing:on 2019-09-30
  • WilliamKiely said “- I would be tired having just crossed the grand canyon the day before over he course of 12-14 hours (actual time: 13h33m) with a heavy pack.)on 2019-09-30