10000+ cases of coronavirus confirmed by CDC in USA by May 1, 2020

Created by suitecake on 2020-02-26; known on 2020-05-01; judged right by suitecake 8 days ago.

  • suitecake estimated 40% on 2020-02-26
  • pranomostro estimated 90% 23 days ago
  • suitecake estimated 90% 19 days ago
  • suitecake estimated 60% and said “Looks like CDC is not aggregating data from the state-level (only 114 cases properly ‘confirmed,’ whereas Johns Hopkins puts the figure at 804). If they don’t aggregate at all, and defer testing to states, they might severely underreport cases19 days ago
  • sabs81 estimated 25% 17 days ago
  • suitecake   judged this prediction right 8 days ago.

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