US Corona-virus lock downs will end in May

Created by gunner1313 on 2020-04-11; known on 2020-04-25; judged wrong by Tapetum-Lucidum on 2020-06-01.

  • gunner1313 estimated 70% on 2020-04-11
  • gunner1313 changed the deadline from “on 2020-04-25” and changed their prediction from “Corona-virus lock downs will end in May” on 2020-04-11
  • PseudonymousUser estimated 70% and said “With Trump as President – 70%. With anyone else with a brain as president – 30%. on 2020-04-12
  • batemancapital estimated 60% on 2020-04-17
  • Tapetum-Lucidum estimated 45% and said “I’m interpreting this as meaning “all 50 US states end their stay-at-home orders, if applicable”, and am assuming that continuing international travel restrictions are not part of the prediction. on 2020-04-18
  • Tapetum-Lucidum said “Also “in May” != “by May”, so I am deferring to the stated deadline.on 2020-04-18
  • Tapetum-Lucidum said “(Which actually isn’t even the end of April. Hmm.)on 2020-04-18
  • Tapetum-Lucidum estimated 40% on 2020-04-21
  • Tapetum-Lucidum   judged this prediction wrong on 2020-06-01.

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