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COVID, UK – It is legal for groups of seven non-shielding people to meet for the purposes of Christmas celebration on Christmas Day.

Created by jbeshir on 2020-10-11; known on 2020-12-26; judged right by jbeshir on 2021-01-03.

  • jbeshir estimated 80% on 2020-10-11
  • Deepak said “How much of the UK needs to ban such groups before marking this false? on 2020-10-11
  • jbeshir said “It is currently barred under the so-called “Rule of 6” ( across Great Britain. Shifting to a regional rule would resolve true if any region lacked it.on 2020-10-31
  • jbeshir said “This is thus essentially a prediction that they will lift or create an exception or increase in the national rule for Christmas celebrations.on 2020-10-31
  • jbeshir estimated 67% on 2020-10-31
  • jbeshir   judged this prediction right on 2021-01-03.