Donald Trump will win the electoral college votes

Created by Liging 28 days ago; known 15 days ago; judged wrong by Liging 16 days ago.

  • Liging estimated 30% 28 days ago
  • Liging 28 days ago
  • PlacidPlatypus said “What does this mean?28 days ago
  • Liging changed the deadline from “15 days ago” and changed their prediction from “Likelihood of Donald Trump winning the electoral college votes” 16 days ago
  • Liging   judged this prediction wrong 16 days ago.
  • Liging said “technically this is not over, but I assume the court battles will go nowhere, but my judgement can be changed16 days ago
  • Liging   judged this prediction right 16 days ago.
  • Liging   judged this prediction unknown 16 days ago.

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