Donald Trump will be in Prison on voting day 2028 (Tuesday, Nov 7th, 2028)

Created by LukeS on 2020-12-09; known on 2028-11-08; judged wrong by Vaibhav_Srivastva on 2020-12-10.

  • LukeS estimated 40% on 2020-12-09
  • The_Offwo estimated 20% and said “this isn’t impossible but I think if he goes to prison he doesn’t live another 8 yearson 2020-12-09
  • Reactionaryhistorian estimated 5% on 2020-12-10
  • sty.silver estimated 3% and said “Seems like quite a lot of conjunctionon 2020-12-10
  • Vaibhav_Srivastva estimated 0% on 2020-12-10
  • Vaibhav_Srivastva   judged this prediction wrong on 2020-12-10.
  • Vaibhav_Srivastva said “The clown Joe Biden currently the dictator(yes, you read it right) of your country U.S.A will endanger the whole world.on 2020-12-10
  • LukeS   judged this prediction unknown on 2020-12-10.
  • PlacidPlatypus   judged this prediction unknown on 2020-12-11.
  • sty.silver said “Please do not judge predictions that haven’t resolved yet.on 2020-12-11
  • lazarus   judged this prediction unknown 29 days ago.
  • lazarus said “5%29 days ago
  • najdorf said “Zero chance. But why judge it wrong?27 days ago

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