Politics, US – Donald Trump attempts to issue a pardon for himself before the end of the 20th of January 2021.

Created by jbeshir 15 days ago; known in 2 days

  • jbeshir estimated 40% 15 days ago
  • kallman estimated 30% and said “he “hasn’t done anything wrong”, pardoning himself would be admitting defeat, right?14 days ago
  • JoshuaZ estimated 55% 13 days ago
  • sole21000 estimated 35% and said “He will deny wrongdoing but justify the pardon as a necessary measure against “corrupt accusations” if so. 11 days ago
  • Medea estimated 30% 10 days ago
  • Deepak estimated 20% 10 days ago
  • jazzsolo estimated 15% 9 days ago
  • larssa estimated 25% and said “I have a hard time believing he’ll try to do this, but he’s proven me wrong before. 4 days ago
  • sty.silver estimated 60% and said “I’m gonna say this is more likely than not.2 days ago
  • aspire43 estimated 65% and said “The man seems to have a track record of taking every opportunity to cover his a**1 day ago
  • D0TheMath estimated 10% about 19 hours ago
  • D0TheMath said “Calibrating Metaculus’s community prediction of 40% to 10% using their calibration graph.about 19 hours ago
  • D0TheMath estimated 45% about 11 hours ago

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