By July 2021, China will invade Taiwan. The invasion will take longer than anticipated and as a result China will use biological weapons. The USA and EU will do nothing.

Created by Random 7 days ago; known on 2021-07-31

  • Random estimated 75% 7 days ago
  • Random said “Don’t believe in clairvoyance but this was a very vivid dream/nightmare. Hope I’m wrong. 5 days ago
  • Baeboo estimated 1% 5 days ago
  • two2thehead estimated 1% 5 days ago
  • JoshuaZ estimated 0% and said “Conjunction fallacy. 5 days ago
  • Bruno Parga said “Even not thinking of the massive conjunction, there’s the matter of definitions. What’s “longer than anticipated”? What’s “doing nothing”? What f China uses biological weapons shortly before the deadline and the West “does something” only in August?2 days ago
  • iterate-again estimated 0% 2 days ago
  • aspire43 estimated 0% and said “Nonsensical. Completely at odds with my sense of geopolitical possibility.1 day ago
  • sty.silver estimated 0% 1 day ago
  • Baeboo estimated 0% about 15 hours ago

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