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Buying index funds today (S&P at 4552) would be a good investment

Created by AndyAlterEgo on 2008-09-18; known on 2009-03-18; judged wrong by AndyAlterEgo on 2009-03-18.

  • AndyAlterEgo estimated 65% on 2008-09-18
  • Glenn estimated 45% and said “Why the alter ego? Is this a case of wanting track statistics separately? (i.e. tagging)on 2008-09-18
  • Matt said “What’s a ‘good investment’? Better than the index doesn’t work here.on 2008-09-19
  • AndyAlterEgo   judged this prediction wrong on 2009-03-18.
  • AndyAlterEgo said “Looser!on 2009-03-18
  • Glenn said “Looser? Or loser?on 2009-03-20

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