Eliza Bender says “like” more than 30 times in one comment today (3/8) in Social Theory

Created by ethanmg01 14 days ago; known 14 days ago; judged right by ethanmg01 14 days ago.

  • ethanmg01 estimated 62% 14 days ago
  • kwangotango estimated 65% and said “feeling good about this14 days ago
  • kwangotango estimated 70% 14 days ago
  • ethanmg01   judged this prediction right 14 days ago.
  • kwangotango said “median = 34, average ~33. for future reference.14 days ago
  • kwangotango said “out of three comments14 days ago
  • kwangotango said “you should move this to the group14 days ago

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