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MNIST 1->3 steering vector makes non-1 digits come out as “3”

Created by TurnTrout on 2023-05-17; known on 2023-05-17; judged wrong by TurnTrout on 2023-05-17.

  • TurnTrout estimated 20% on 2023-05-17
  • TurnTrout   judged this prediction wrong on 2023-05-17.
  • TurnTrout said ““i expect it to not work very well, and insofar as it works it transfers 1 to 3 but messes up other numbers, including maybe even 3 to something elseBut this is pretty low confidence.”on 2023-05-17
  • TurnTrout changed the deadline from “on 2023-05-17” and made the prediction on 2023-05-17