The world will be fully directly democratic by 2170! The world will be self-governed by it's people, probably nationless (definitely in culture, society and economics) but not a global state

Created by deanmullen2014 on 2013-12-31; known on 2170-01-01

  • deanmullen2014 estimated 80% on 2013-12-31
  • deanmullen2014 on 2013-12-31
  • deanmullen2014 estimated 80% and said “Oh the last war will be somewhere between central & southern Africa over the question of a country being a direct democracy. The last kleptocrat (might make a nice film title for a 2171 indie digitally made production by AI) will be overthrown.on 2013-12-31
  • Michael Dickens said “It’s hard to understand your predictions when they contain multiple clauses.on 2013-12-31
  • simplicio estimated 0% and said “Only chance of this happening is if almost the entire world population is annihilated. Even then, doesn’t seem likely.on 2014-01-02
  • ChristianKl estimated 1% on 2014-01-02
  • bobpage estimated 0% on 2014-01-02
  • JoshuaZ estimated 1% on 2015-05-28
  • splorridge estimated 65% on 2015-06-14

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