My scheduler, Sparking Now, completed to a usable level within a year.

Created by Nic_Smith on 2011-04-12; known on 2012-04-12; judged wrong by Nic_Smith on 2012-04-12.

  • Nic_Smith estimated 60% on 2011-04-12
  • Nic_Smith made the prediction on 2012-01-01
  • Nic_Smith estimated 35% and said “I would roughly describe this project as half-finished, although what I’m able to interact with via the Clojure REPL is still useful (but not what I had in mind for ‘usable’ when I made the claim).on 2012-03-22
  • Nic_Smith   judged this prediction wrong on 2012-04-12.

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