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glenn will find this prediction today and tell me if there is any way to search all predictions

Created by Lina on 2009-05-12; known on 2009-05-13; judged right by Lina on 2009-05-12.

  • Lina estimated 75% on 2009-05-12
  • Glenn estimated 100% and said “Unfortunately no. Definitely high on the list. Along with some type of autosearch when making a new prediction for duplicates.on 2009-05-12
  • Glenn said “Actually, if you went to the list page,, you could use your browsers find in page, but it’d find open oneson 2009-05-12
  • Lina said “thanks for the suggestion – the search would be goodon 2009-05-12
  • Lina   judged this prediction right on 2009-05-12.

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