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FlashFoward will be renewed for a second season

Created by MrHen on 2010-02-23; known on 2010-07-16; judged wrong by MrHen on 2010-09-23.

  • MrHen estimated 20% on 2010-02-23
  • MrHen   judged this prediction right on 2010-05-16.
  • MrHen   judged this prediction wrong on 2010-09-23.
  • MrHen said “Sorry, got confused about how to judge these things. ABC did NOT renew FlashFoward: 2010-09-23
  • gwern said “Drat! I wish I had seen this prediction. The author did q&a at a con, and all but told us FF would not be renewed.on 2010-09-24