Ted Cruz will be linked to a sex scandal.

Created by two2thehead on 2016-07-16; known on 2036-07-17

  • two2thehead estimated 99% on 2016-07-16
  • two2thehead said “Sex scandal is defined as him committing adultery while married to his wife.on 2016-07-16
  • two2thehead said “Related subset prediction : http://predictionbook.com/predictions/177799on 2016-07-16
  • Jenson said “You’re delusional.on 2016-07-17
  • elephantower estimated 30% on 2016-07-18
  • RoryS said “Are you willing to place a (monetary) bet on this, two2thehead?on 2016-07-18
  • two2thehead said “@ RoryS. Not at this time, no. And to give a guesstimate, I don’t think I’d be making bets online for at least five years. :-)on 2016-07-18
  • two2thehead said “Attention All. If possible please make an estimate along with your comment(s). on 2016-07-18
  • two2thehead said “I blame myself for making this prediction the day after an os install and when my notes/stuff that can use (albeit tangentially) to claim are my justifications.on 2016-07-18
  • two2thehead said “My assumption is that The National Enquirer story about Ted Cruz committing adultery is correct.on 2016-07-18
  • two2thehead said “My prior is the National Enquirer story about John Edwards adultery being correct.on 2016-07-18
  • Michael Dickens estimated 20% on 2016-07-31

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