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The 2017 Mar 22 attack on the UK Parliament was done by a person or persons who support Islamic extremism

Created by two2thehead on 2017-03-22; known on 2017-04-12; judged right by two2thehead on 2017-03-23.

  • two2thehead estimated 80% on 2017-03-22
  • two2thehead said “This includes things like pledging allegiance to ISIS/ISIL/Daesh or Al Qaeda or any other terrorist group who supports Islamic extremism.on 2017-03-22
  • two2thehead said “What counts as “supports Islamic extremism” will be judged by me.on 2017-03-22
  • two2thehead said “Reasons for my prediction: on 2017-03-22
  • two2thehead said “Use of vehicle in a ramming attack, attack on a police officer apparently, attack on a crowd, attack on a popular tourist destinationon 2017-03-22
  • two2thehead said “Information for the above was taken from : Police officer ‘stabbed at UK Parliament’ …He wrote: "A car on Westminster Bridge has just mowed down at least 5 people.on 2017-03-22
  • two2thehead said “Source: 2017-03-22
  • gwern estimated 75% on 2017-03-22
  • orionstein estimated 55% on 2017-03-22
  • themusicgod1 estimated 70% and said ““extremism” is an unnecessary modifier hereon 2017-03-22
  • ioannes estimated 80% and said “cf. 2017-03-22
  • playablecharacter estimated 96% on 2017-03-23
  • KnaveOfAllTrades estimated 98% and said “gwern are you willing to bet on this if trust can be established (I think it can be or we have mutually trusted intermediaries available)?on 2017-03-23
  • two2thehead said “Islamic State group has said it was behind the attack, in which PC Keith Palmer, Aysha Frade and US tourist Kurt Cochran were killedSource : 2017-03-23
  • two2thehead   judged this prediction right on 2017-03-23.

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