Crossrail opens in London

Created by gwern on 2010-10-07; known 18 days ago; judged wrong by Bruno Parga 17 days ago.

  • gwern estimated 10% on 2010-10-07
  • gwern said “ 2010-10-07
  • gwern said “already official rumors of delay, and like the Big Dig, further delays can be expectedon 2010-10-07
  • gwern said “note that futuretimeline has bumped it from 2017 to 2018. things are looking good (for this prediction, not the crossrail)on 2011-01-25
  • chimpsky said “how can this prediction be judged wrong? even if the project is officially abandoned at some point, it could still be resurrected later. should be ‘opens before 2020’ ?on 2012-06-10
  • Bruno Parga  judged this prediction wrong 17 days ago.

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