'2045 The totally self-contained mobile home (envisaged almost a century ago by Buckminster Fuller) is perfected. Any additional carbon needed from food synthesis is obtained by extracting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.' —Arthur C. Clarke

Created by gwern on 2010-10-26; known on 2046-01-01

  • gwern estimated 0% on 2010-10-26
  • gwern said “http://www.arthurcclarke.net/?scifi=3on 2010-10-26
  • kallman estimated 100% and said “Replication has to be enormously energy-expensive. Spaceman just eats the meat he brought with him to mars.on 2010-11-22
  • kallman estimated 0% and said “stupid doing the opposite of what I mean toon 2010-11-22
  • gimpf estimated 50% on 2010-12-12
  • JoshuaZ estimated 1% on 2015-12-22
  • PipFoweraker estimated 15% and said “Clarke makes no reference as to location or size of home. I choose to interpret that as allowing modular space habitation.on 2016-01-06
  • themusicgod1 estimated 47% on 2016-10-07
  • pranomostro estimated 1% on 2019-01-08

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