By default, the Command Prompt in Windows 8 RTM will be resizable (to an increase in width) by dragging the corner resizer.

Created by bobpage on 2011-08-09; known on 2012-08-15; judged wrong by bobpage on 2012-09-03.

  • bobpage estimated 29% on 2011-08-09
  • gwern estimated 60% on 2011-08-10
  • JoshuaZ estimated 55% on 2011-08-10
  • bobpage said “Hah, you guys sure are optimists about a thing that hasn’t changed in foreveron 2011-08-10
  • gwern estimated 40% and said “bleh, misread it. I was trying to anchor on bobpage but be a little underconfident because that’s what his graph indicateson 2011-08-10
  • bobpage estimated 15% on 2012-01-01
  • bobpage estimated 3% and said “I just tried Windows 8 Consumer Preview; it looks like there are no changes to conhoston 2012-02-29
  • bobpage estimated 2% and said “not resizable in Windows 8 Release Previewon 2012-06-01
  • bobpage changed the deadline from “on 2012-06-01on 2012-06-03
  • Jayson Virissimo estimated 5% on 2012-07-08
  • bobpage   judged this prediction wrong on 2012-09-03.
  • gwern said “I am amused at the quantification of despair in this prediction.on 2012-09-04

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