There will be no statistically significant increase in neutrino levels detected by detectors attributable to the recent supernova in M101.

Created by JoshuaZ on 2011-08-26; known on 2011-09-30; judged right by JoshuaZ on 2011-09-25.

  • JoshuaZ estimated 62% on 2011-08-26
  • JoshuaZ said “Lack of warning from SNEWS means iif any found had to be close to background. SNO is down. Probably too far for IceCube. Maybe Super-K but doubtful. LVD and Borexino have been improved I don’t know how much, but probably not enough. on 2011-08-26
  • JoshuaZ said “Also, just talked to astronomers who confirm distance too long and that as a Ia rather than II the number of neutrinos produced is a lot fewer. on 2011-08-26
  • gwern estimated 65% on 2011-08-27
  • bobpage estimated 65% on 2011-08-27
  • Laurent Bossavit said “tags: science, astronomyon 2011-09-04
  • JoshuaZ   judged this prediction right on 2011-09-25.

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