OB-NYC: Zvi Mowshowitz asked that question of Salience because he hated Valhalla Rising.

Created by gwern on 2011-09-08; known on 2011-09-15; judged right by gwern on 2011-09-08.

  • gwern estimated 65% on 2011-09-08
  • gwern   judged this prediction right on 2011-09-08.
  • gwern said ““My rating: 1.5 stars out of 5, but could be right for exactly the right people Gwern, I’m not sure how to grade your bet, because although I very much disliked it, I didn’t really hate it. on 2011-09-08
  • gwern said “By contrast, the last movie I gave a 1-star to (in the case that follows really the 0-star BOMB rating, but it’s not available) that I remember watching is Highlander: The Source, and I HATED that movie"on 2011-09-08
  • gwern said “1.5 is not that much better than 1…on 2011-09-08

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