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A working brain-to-brain direct communication interface will be demonstrated in human clinical trials by 2025.

Created by NathanMcKnight on 2011-11-11; known on 2025-01-01

  • NathanMcKnight estimated 70% on 2011-11-11
  • lavalamp estimated 5% and said “assuming you mean one that lets you communicate as effectively as speechon 2011-11-11
  • gwern estimated 55% and said “anyone working on brain-to-brain? plenty of brain-computers but brain-to-brain seems like a considerable step forwardon 2011-11-11
  • NathanMcKnight said “No, I merely mean successful reception of a signal sent from one brain to another. I think speech-level communication will take a good deal longer. on 2011-11-11
  • NathanMcKnight said “I don’t know if anybody’s working on it, but brain-to-computer is becoming almost routine, and brain-to-computer-to-brain isn’t a big step from there… on 2011-11-11
  • JoshuaZ estimated 25% and said “Clinical trials seem unlikely. Why would this technology be used/tested in a clinical context? on 2011-11-12
  • Anubhav estimated 70% on 2011-11-12
  • fork estimated 5% and said “This is already possible, but there isn’t any reason for it and it’s considerably dangerous. I don’t see that changing until communicating speech/thoughts is possible.on 2011-11-12
  • NathanMcKnight said “I expect noninvasive brain interfaces will reduce the danger to nil. Computer-brain connections become commonplace among the disabled, people will start toying with it in the larger population. on 2011-11-12
  • fork said “EKGs to record brain output, sure. But those kinds of interfaces aren’t going to be able to send input to the brain. You’d need at least a very expensive TM.on 2011-11-12
  • chemotaxis101 estimated 25% on 2011-11-15
  • Porejide estimated 85% and said “interpreting this as higher level, eeg or ecog coupled with something like tms. also interpreting ignoring the “clinical” bit. on 2011-11-22
  • Anubhav said “Wait, does a tech demo using human volunteers count as a clinical trial? on 2011-11-22
  • themusicgod1 estimated 53% on 2016-10-09
  • pranomostro estimated 20% on 2018-12-20

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